Surround Yourself with Happy People


If there’s one word to describe this gal it’s happy. Kelley is an amazing yoga instructor who found herself through…YOGA! She took training a year before I did, not knowing a lot about yoga but it sounded interesting to her. It was then that Kelley broke free from anything holding her back and became determined to share her knowledge and happiness with others. Within her first year as an instructor, she taught well over 200 classes and has yogis returning every week for more. Kelley was one of the instructors at Tadasana Yoga Studio that talked me into doing my Yoga Teacher Training at this location. It wasn’t until the last weekend of our intense 200 hour training that my light bulb came on and I said, “Yeah, I can see why Kelley is so happy every time I see her.” She knows that through yoga, You Own Greatness Again! Thank you, Kelley, for being my mentor and for being my very first customer!