The Sound of Sunshine


At the end of class the other night, I sealed our practice with an “OM”. Aside from hearing my own self, I could hear another distinct voice. It was the Sound of Sunshine, Michael Franti, sitting right in front of me. I had the honor of leading him through a beautiful practice. Michael moved with big, expansive movements and the breath of a singer with powerful lungs. I love practicing beside yogis that have a loud, deep ujjayi breath as it’s a reminder for myself to be moving my body with deep breaths. Hearing that sound of sunshine within yourself can be a game changer in your practice. It’s even better when you learn how to take it off the mat, like when your stuck in Sundance Film Festival traffic! Michael was here in Park City to play an acoustic show and for his film “Stay Human”. Wouldn’t more people stay human if they would practice yoga daily?

Corrie Bacasa1 Comment