New Year Intentions - Get Grounded


Happy New Year!  Time to start your new year’s resolution.  Or not, I don’t care for them as they’re like a diet.  Try it for a couple weeks then it’s back to eating like before. I like thinking about a lifestyle change instead.  This January I chose to get grounded. For me, a few big deep breaths is enough for me to get grounded, rooted.  You can’t do anything at 100% if you’re not grounded. Balance poses are great for knowing if you are rooted or not. If you don’t ground your standing foot before moving into tree pose, you’ll be like a tree swaying it’s branches in the wind. Getting grounded allows you to be present in the moment whether you’re on or off your mat. Take a few quick breaks throughout your day to check in with yourself and find what works for you to get grounded.

Corrie BacasaComment