October Challenge


Last fall, our yoga studio offered an October Challenge for yogis to take on something you wanted to give up or push yourself to do for a month.  People were giving up wine and sugar, and taking on daily gratitude journals. I chose giving up self-doubt. During my yoga teacher training (pictured here with Ashley) I realized self-doubt was a major issue that held me back from a lot in life.  It was something that really never occured to me until we dug into the “mental detoxing” of our training. I dedicated every intention of my practice that month to dropping self-doubt. We have that voice in our head telling ourselves: we can’t do it, other people will have a negative comment, or that we will fail. Every day, I made a conscious effort to push that thought aside because that’s all it was...a thought that I had been feeding myself. You can rewire the processes in your mind by setting a daily intention to take on for a whole 30 days.  That’s how You Own Greatness Again YOGA came to life. I dreamed big and told myself I can.

Corrie BacasaComment