Presents of Presence

I started teaching a heated vinyasa class at Tadasana Yoga Studio in Park City in December.  I wanted to not only set my own intention for the month but provide one that I could integrate into my teachings.  The holidays influenced “The Presents of Presence” intention for the month. Often there is no greater present than that of one’s true presence.  We search for the perfect gifts for people that can simply be found within ourselves. Would you rather have a box of cookies from your boss or a note acknowledging you for how much you contribute to the company?   We’re so busy on our phones, computers, and other technology that our face to face presence with other humans has gone downhill. My daughter got a small foldable doll house with some dolls for Christmas. The first night I sat down and played it with her, she was beaming with delight and told me how much fun she had playing with me.  My time with her brought her more happiness than the gift itself. Are there some people in your life that a few minutes of your true presence could create a giant present for them?

Corrie BacasaComment